We believe that lighting equipment should be able to keep pace with your ever expanding skill base and passion for photography. This limited time offer seeks to make it as easy as possible for you to move past the creative constraints of your current strobes and into a dependable system with enough power and flexibility to grow with you for years to come.

Trade in Now


Getting started is easy! Just fill out our simple form and we will get shipping materials on their way to you.


Box up your old strobe and use the provided shipping label to return it to us. Don’t forget your ELB 1200 proof of purchase!


Once we receive and check in your gear, we’ll process your check!

Have Some Questions?

Q: What strobes are eligible for trade in?
A:Any studio strobe including monoblocks, packs and heads. Shoe mounted flashes are not eligible.

Q: What condition does the gear have to be in?
A:A: The units do not have to be functional, but they do need to be complete ie: pack, battery (if applicable), charger and a minimum of one head.

Q: Is there a limit per customer?
A: No. There is no limit to the number of strobes you can receive credit for. However you cannot combine multiple packs and heads into one trade-in offer and receive more than a $1000 credit on a single ELB 1200 Kit purchase. In other words, only one old pack and head or monoblock can be traded in for credit on the purchase of one new ELB 1200 kit.

Q: Can the trade in be done at my local camera store if I don’t want to deal with shipping?
A:Yes! Photographers ready to upgrade are encouraged to bring their qualifying equipment to any authorized dealer to receive $1000 off their ELB 1200 purchase instantly. Visit www.elinchromus.com/where-to-buy/dealers to find a local dealer.

I’m a student, can I participate if I purchased my ELB 1200 at an EDU discount?
A: Yes you can! For more information on special pricing for students and educators please head to www.photovideoedu.com

Q :Can the rebate be combined with any other promotion?
A: No, excluding the EDU pricing mentioned above.

Q :When does the trade in program end?
A: The trade in offer is valid on purchases made between July 15th, 2018 and October 31st, 2018. If the equipment is being traded in via direct shipment it must be received by Elinchrom’s US distributor MAC Group before November 15st 2018 to qualify for this program. Please note this offer is valid only in the US.

Trade in now!